Needle Mesotherapy involves injecting specific anti-ageing products into the middle layer of the skin, containing vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid all in its pure form. The concoctions are pushed into the skin by mesotherapy gun- the micro injections control the depth and amount of the injected substance.


Mesotherapy is performed using very fine needles injecting some special solutions to the middle layer of the skin in the relevant area. It is a treatment for the damage on the skin and the regulation of the weakened blood circulation. The content of the solutions depends on the application area, application purpose, age of the person and many other factors such as the substances that the person needs (personal vitamins, amino acids and minerals).

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FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How many sessions of Mesotherapy do I Need?

As many as 10 mesotherapy sessions may be recommended.


When will you see mesotherapy results?

Because there’s no standard ingredient mixture or method, there’s variability to when you’ll start to see results from mesotherapy. 

“I tell people it usually takes two to three treatments to see visible results,”. Still, some will require several appointments, depending on how much fat there was initially. On average, providers recommend between 3 and 10 treatments every 7–14 days. Results will vary. “I generally say that you need two to four treatments per inch of fat,”.

How long do mesotherapy results last?

Once you complete your course of mesotherapy, your results can be permanent—so long as you maintain a stable weight.

However, if you put on weight, the fat will come back.


What are the types of mesotherapy?

There are three different types of mesotherapy, depending on the injection technique to be used. The three different types are: point by point mesotherapy, upper skin mesotherapy and comprehensive mesotherapy. Apart from this, mesotherapy application is divided into various types such as hair mesotherapy, mesolifting and body mesotherapy according to the area of application.


How does mesotherapy work?

Mesotherapy is one of the very popular aesthetic procedures. Before applying the mesotherapy process, the needs, age and health condition of the person are checked on basis of which the suitable substances such as amino acids, enzymes, hormones, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid are prepared. These prepared substances are applied to the skin where it is needed with the mesotherapy process. These substances which are applied to the skin tissue stimulate the structures called collagen and elastin that keep the skin alive and tight. These stimulated structures accelerate the blood circulation in the area applied and provide the regulation of the immune response and circulation in the lymphatic system. All these things together provide skin renewal. Subcutaneous tissue is repaired and thus the loosened tissues regain their old firmness and rejuvenation is provided. The results and success rates vary depending on factors such as the number of sessions, the correct ratio of injected substances and the person himself.


What are the benefits of mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a treatment method that provides benefits in many different ways depending on the application area. It eliminates many problems such as cracks, wrinkles, sunspots, skin spots, skin problems, regional fattening, cellulite in the areas where it is applied. It is a treatment method used especially for people with baldness and hair problems such as alopecia known as a hair loss problem among the public. It provides hair growth in the bald area. It relieves acute or chronic pain in any part of your body. It can particularly be useful for some vascular problems and injuries that occur while doing sports.

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