Breath for your skin- Oxygen Infusion Mask

Just as our body needs oxygen to live, the skin also benefits from an additional dose of it. Reach for the treatment using the Oxygen Infusion Mask, which will oxygenate, cleanse and remove dead cells. As a result of the aging process, changes occur in the blood vessels that are responsible for the delivery of oxygen to the skin, resulting in changes in external appearance such as: disturbed skin tone, dehydration and loss of radiance, and premature wrinkle formation. Smog, harmful effects of free radicals, stimulants, unbalanced diet and stress intensify the symptoms of skin hypoxia.

Oxygen Infusion Mask It is possible to oxygenate the skin from the outside with the right cosmetics. Created by specialists, ARKANA Oxygen Infusion Mask is a unique mask and oxygenating peeling in one. It is a product that, thanks to the use of hydrogen peroxide (for many years it has been used in cosmetics mainly to lighten skin and hair), provides oxygen molecules directly to the skin and removes dead cells. In addition, it reduces toxins and signs of fatigue, evens out the skin tone and brightens the complexion. Perfect as an introduction to treatments with the use of cheeses, masks, and even less intense acids. Prepares the skin for greater absorption of active ingredients. It is also worth mentioning the cleansing and antibacterial effect of oxygen. If your client has skin prone to contamination – the Oxygen Infusion Mask – will cleanse and reduce skin pores. In a series of regular treatments, it will help prevent further contamination and, consequently, the formation of acne lesions.

How does Oxygen Infusion Mask work? The mask applied to the skin starts to work – hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with an

enzyme present in the epidermis and dermis – catalase, which breaks down hydrogen peroxide into molecular oxygen and water. The released oxygen molecules create a high pressure on the skin and then the oxygen molecules penetrate the skin. That is why the texture of the mask and the method of its application are so important. The mask should be applied with a brush in a thick layer and put on the skin for about 10-15 minutes. During operation, the mask feels tingling (due to a chemical reaction due to the release of oxygen) and the mask’s texture will turn into a delicate foam. The remainder of the mask should be removed first with a spatula, and then washed off with a damp compress. At this stage, the circulation is stimulated, thanks to which the skin is nourished and oxygenated. After the treatment, the skin is visibly brightened, smoothed, moisturized and refreshed.