A specially designed dermo-cosmetic therapy regulating the microbiome of acne-prone skin. It is based on an intelligent mechanism blocking the communication system among bacteria – Qurorum Sensing (QS). The QS system is the primary culprit responsible for disturbing the microbiome of the skin and acne lesions. The protagonist of the line is an innovative Quora Noni PRCF substance containing phytopeptides (plant biofactors) from Noni stemcells. It is an intelligent dermo-hacker of bacterial signals that effectively affects the composition of the biofilm on the surface of the skin. Combined therapy forces eliminate the main cause of acne lesions.

Acne Qs Hacker Day Cream
Dermo-hacker day cream

Active substances: Quora Noni PRCF, hyaluronic
acid, panthenol, rice powder, white clay

intelligent bacteria hacker during the day
light and matting
perfect under make-up
liquid crystal formula biocompatible with the skin

Acne Qs Hacker Day Cream 50ml